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The Price of Water

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

“Two dollars a litre for water says I.

I thought water was free as it fell from the sky”.

“That’s much dearer than petrol or diesel”, I said

“no wonder folks prefer to drink beer instead”.

“This water’s fresh sir, from an underground spring,

it has minerals and salts it has everything

It is best for human consumption they say

and each person should drink three litres a day.”

“Three litres a day,” said I as I frowned.

“If I drank three litres I’d surely be drowned

So if a family of six drink three litres a day

how can a man afford all that money to pay”

I was so stunned that I barely could speak.

“That’s one hundred and twenty six dollars a week

which is more than six thousand dollars a year,

we really can not afford to drink water I fear”

“But sir, the water itself cost only five cents

the containers though are quite an expense

Then marketing, freight, and also impost

is the hidden outlay that drives up the cost”.

“When bottles are empty, asked I, where do they go?”

And he freely admitted that he didn’t know.

“It didn’t matter,” said he and why should he care,

he supposed they could end up just anywhere.

He was right; anywhere’s the place things seem to go

when disposed of, and there’s few who want to know

or care about earth and our world wide pollution

So there’s an urgent need now to find a solution.

Seven litres of water it takes to make one bottle I fear

and three million tons of plastic we are using each year

Just ten per cent is recycled and that’s not enough;

Is there no way to safely dispose of this stuff?

Some is dumped in the ocean, or for filling in land

It’s microscopic pollution, folks don’t understand

It will choke fish and dolphins, get in the food chain.

it’s noxious to humans and could damage our brain.

Ban plastic bottles I say let’s not make any more,

go back the waterbags that we used before.

When it is empty, fill it time and time again

from your kitchen tap or a tank-full of rain.

© John Hayes

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