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The Circle of Life

So gentle is the hand that guides the mother she holds dear,

both glad to see that now at last their journeys end is near.

They pause as though to gather strength before they move once more;

uncertain steps are slowly made in through the waiting door.

The night then seems to come alive with voices all around

old friends now come to greet them, and their chairs are quickly found.

They talk about the times they’ve shared and friends they used to know,

before all settle down to watch the starting of the show.

With thoughtful care the daughter sees to all her mother’s needs,

before she settles down herself just as the night proceeds.

A gentle squeeze of fingers and a special mothers smile,

to show appreciation, and that makes it all worthwhile.

Escaping from the boredom of the endless hours each day,

to spend some time out with her girl are treasured times away.

And though her daughters long grown up she’s still her special girl,

recalling how when she was born it set her heart awhirl.

A smile then crept across her lips as memories return,

to when she brought her baby home with still so much to learn.

And visions flash before her eyes of years then speeding by,

such happy times that passed so quick as time just seemed to fly.

Before too long it seemed to her those special years were past

and though she’d wished they’d never end, she’d known they couldn’t last.

Yet to this day she still has dreams about those days long gone,

to when she’d been a young girl’s mum, before their lives moved on.

The daughter too is deep in thought her mind keeps drifting back,

to when she’d been a little girl and lived way down the track.

And thinking of her mother then the years just melt away,

back then she’d been her hero and she loves her still today.

The passing years had played a part and many things had changed,

her mother needs some help these days their roles now rearranged.

She knows her mother wants no fuss, or be a nuisance here,

but she’ll be there when called upon; no wish to interfere.


Then as they leave the hall that night each thinks of what’s ahead,

a lifetime of sweet memories will hold them in good stead.

Although both know the time is near, no need to worry now,

they’ll face their problems as they come, and they’ll get by somehow.


© T.E. Piggott

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