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The Galah Session

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

There's a housewife off the beaten track

Who rises before the sun has dawned.  It is summer in the dry outback, Her work is done in the early morn. The heatwaves dance in isolation, Stunted mulga seem upside down. Her clothing sticks with perspiration,  And its months since she's been to town.     The garden lies shrivelled and the hens don't lay,

Bread dough refuses to rise.

Joe's on 'the run', though due yesterday, He's out there still with the flies.

But it's ten o'clock and gossip time, So she grabs her cuppa quick! Then races in to the radio room And tunes in lickety-split. VKJ Meekatharra calling WIR...over.  VKJ Meekatharra calling WIR! This station to long wave turn over For the session of the galah! The neighbour a hundred of miles away Has 'popped in' to say hello.

So what if the dog died yesterday,

Her batteries are charged for another go!  "It's rained here, has it rained there?  Is Joe back from the run...over? "No - it hasn't rained here and I despair  And Joe is still out in the 'rover'."

 Its now the time for swapping troubles And the tension eases from her shoulders. A good old chat with laughter that bubbles

Amongst the spinifex and boulders. © Colleen O'Grady

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