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The Flying Bishop (A Tribute to Bishop Witt)

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

In the Nor' West, A land he loved best, Bishop Witt was well respected. Always in the air On a wing and a prayerThere's pleasure when he's expected  From country that is brown From drought renown To winter green when summer ended. In everlastings we wallow When spring does follow, ; Bishop flies his vision splendid. So prepare the strip Away from the tip! Its time for baby's christening. The Bishop's on the wing On the air reported in And all the stations are listening. The missions that are lonely, And stations that are homely, Hail him with pure delight. Christian or not, He cares not a jotTo all he is their light. ©Colleen O'Grady

The Bough Shed

When I was gazing at a photograph of an old bough shed, a vivid flash of memories went rushing through my head, With warm waves of nostalgia, or perhaps a sense of guilt, because I don’t have more pho

The Esperance Tanker Jetty

Remove our tanker jetty? Not on your flamin’ life. If you attempt to do so it will cause a lot of strife. You will meet resistance like you never have before, if wishes of your citizens you’re choosin

The Price of Water

“Two dollars a litre for water says I. I thought water was free as it fell from the sky”. “That’s much dearer than petrol or diesel”, I said “no wonder folks prefer to drink beer instead”. “This water


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