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Foxes and Ferals

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

‘Friends, Aussies, Country Folk – Lend me an ear!’ My letter is urgent; my message is clear, I speak of the ferals that shouldn’t be here. While the lambs and the poultry are dying in pain Wildlife extinctions are occurring in vain. Haven’t you heard there’s a plague on the run? Please pick up a pen or pick up a gun! Tell people of influence: write to people in power, We did little yesterday, It has to be now. Every state must pay a bounty on the feral cat or fox Before any more species are hunted and lost. If rabies should reach us it will be more than a shame With ferals on the landscape, impossible to contain. Do your bit for our emblems; show that you care, It’s not hard to fathom, we cant afford to dwell,Don’t wait ‘til our fauna has all gone to …..   you know where.  

©Mary McGregor-Craigie

Written for Conservation Week, WA   -  October 9th  2012

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