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Updated: Oct 17, 2020

"I want me beer!" Yelled the cook. ˜Can't you hear? By George, you could write a book About the things that happened On Coodardy. The floods had come, We had a norther! See the river run! Homestead separated by swirling water And the cook was going bananas On Coodardy. ˜You have to wait! Yelled the boss Across the lake To the outraged cook stranded and lost, With a thirst not quenched by rain On Coodardy Bandy legs bowed, Thunderous scowl, Raging river that flowed Didn't stop the cook from a growl, Nor water full of dead sheep foul On Coodardy. He wanted his beer, His daily ration, So he had no fear Of cyclones or storms on the station, Or the boss' threats of a sacking On Coodardy. Cook reached water! The boss roared, A lamb to the slaughter! It was the men, of course, who scored. With a bound they reached the irate cook On Coodardy. Brawny arms grabbed The flailing man. He was nabbed By the station men patient, with a pan Of understanding for the thirsty cook On Coodardy. Thunder boomed! Lightning crackled! The cook was doomed Of a beer, and the men cackled As they snavelled the cook and sat on him On Coodardy. A thirsty week For poor cook, Whose outlook was bleak. But floods pass by as the thunder forsook The ground now sprinkled with green On Coodardy. Full of cheer Went poor cook To homestead near. But consternation made him crook To find that there was no beer, On Coodardy! © Colleen O'Grady

The Bough Shed

When I was gazing at a photograph of an old bough shed, a vivid flash of memories went rushing through my head, With warm waves of nostalgia, or perhaps a sense of guilt, because I don’t have more pho

The Esperance Tanker Jetty

Remove our tanker jetty? Not on your flamin’ life. If you attempt to do so it will cause a lot of strife. You will meet resistance like you never have before, if wishes of your citizens you’re choosin

The Price of Water

“Two dollars a litre for water says I. I thought water was free as it fell from the sky”. “That’s much dearer than petrol or diesel”, I said “no wonder folks prefer to drink beer instead”. “This water


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