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Christmas Lights at Mandurah

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

With great excitement, we boarded the bus. There really were quite a lot of us. Some were rather long in the tooth, Whilst others held tight to their vanishing youth. We chatted a lot as we drove along, Some of us even burst into song. We travelled a couple of hundred K. The driver was smart, he knew the way! Then we stopped for a drink and a feed. A jolly good idea, it was agreed. Next, a quick visit to the loo. Blimey! You should see the queue. Some bright spark says, “Let’s use the Gent’s”. Of course, that made perfect sense. So, at the door we placed a guard, Making sure the guys were barred. We knew that we must not be late. There is a schedule, the bus can’t wait. We finished in there and snuck outside, Then jumped on the bus to continue our ride. We headed to the jetty to board the boat. With so many people, will it still float? It was the lights we’d come to see. We oohed and aahed and cheered with glee! There was Santa with reindeer and sleigh,  And bright shining stars to show him the way. We saw kangaroos, emus, dolphins and bells, Boats and bikes and flowers as well. A laser display to dazzle the eyes. That certainly was a great surprise. But no nativity scene was there on show. Why was it missing? I’d like to know. I searched for it. It wasn’t there. At Christmastide, this must be rare. No baby Jesus with his Dad and Mum. Is this a sign of Christmas to come?

©Eileen Noakes, December 2011

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