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The Good Life Or Changing Places

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

By gee you have a good life people say to me, Living in the bush and seeing the things you see. Well yeah, I suppose I got a good life, it’s not often I complain, But have you ever rolled your swag out when it’s pissin’ down with rain? And the ground you put your canvas on is just a sea of mud, Your blankets are cold and wet an’ the wind it chills your blood. The fire woods all wet and you can’t make a drink of tea, Oh what a romantic lifestyle, there’s nowhere you’d rather be.

Next day the ground is boggy and you’ve only a young colt to ride, The storms have scattered the cattle, now they’ve gone far and wide. Your gear was left out in the rain now your saddle is soaking wet, If you have to sit in that all day, you know piles you’re gunna get. But it’s use worrying about these things they happen time and again, And you’ve lost count of the number of times you’ve had to sleep out in the rain. The rain bought the blowies and they’re laying eggs upon your meat, And now you wont be sure if it’s rice or maggots that you’re about to eat.

Like I said it’s no use worrying, not much else can go wrong, You can always use hot sauce to stop the beef tasting strong. Or the cook might use curry powder, just to mask the taste, ‘Cos you still got half a killer an’ that’s far too much beef to waste. When the bait layer makes a Brownie an’ you can’t believe your eyes, ‘Cos it’s hard to tell the difference between the currants and the flies. You’re gunna get the scours an’ dehydrate, but no-one gives a stuff, But I tell yer this is living, even if at times the going gets a little tough.

And still so many people say they’d love to change places with you, For in their imagination the skies are always blue. But I wouldn’t change me lifestyle I’m sorta happy where I am, At least when it’s raining I know it’s putting water in the dam. A full dam means less pumping you can sit back and relax, Get out the pen and paper to work out the governments tax. So thanks for your thoughts and the offer to change places with me, But give up this romantic lifestyle; huh there’s nowhere I’d rather be.

© Corin Linch

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