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Spirit of Australia

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

It went droving with Clancy out there on the Overflow. Out in the desert with Lasseter where white men seldom go. It opened up the Kimberley with Quilty, Durack and the rest The Spirit belonged to all and shone through with the best. It's carried its swag in Queensland, its waltzed Matilda all over It's been a fencer and a shearer; he's also been a drover. It was there with Paddy Hannon when he discovered gold. It was born 200 years ago, but isn't very old. It's the Spirit of Australia what makes this country great. It's in every town and city, in every Territory and State.

On the 25th of April they march on Anzac Day. To remember comrades that fell along the way. The Spirit stormed Gallipoli as Anzac's faced the Turk, Many died, but the Spirit lives and grows from Albany to Burke. On the fields of Flanders out in the dead man zone, The Spirit did shine through even when it was alone. Up there in New Guinea on the killer Kokoda Track They fought the Japanese with some never coming back. At Changi and on the Burma railway the Spirit withstood the test, Suffering hardship and weakened it would not be laid to rest.

She was there as well, the back bone of this land Facing drought and floods and fighting for her man. Raising a family the hard way, no luxuries, no electric light. Battling hard to make ends meet but never giving up the fight. Together they can conquer anything standing side by side. They represent this country chests puffed out with pride. They've got the Spirit of Australia, what makes this country great, You'll find it growing in every town and city, Territory and State From the frozen Antarctic wasteland to the heat of Alice Springs, The Spirit of Australia grows, and from the heart begins. So come all young Australians don't let this Spirit die Let’s build the greatest country in the world, under a southern sky

 © Corin Linch

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