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Brian Langley

Referring to himself as "The City Poet", Brian was born in country WA in 1940 but has lived much of his life in Perth. He writes and performs his own work which covers a broad range of subjects.

He has travelled widely in Australia and his poems are drawn partly from his travels. You will find very few billabongs or dying horses in Brian's poetry, but you will get contemporary living, aging, along the ocean, camping, a touch of nostalgia combined with humour and perhaps a thought provoking poem about the struggles of our pioneers. 

At the 2005 and again at the 2014 WA Bush Poetry Championships, Brian achieved overall second place. He has also won several awards both for written and performed verse. He was runner up in the Tamworth 2013 Golden Damper Awards, considered by many to be the most prestigious Bush Poetry Performance award in Australia. In 2014, he again went to Tamworth and this time was successful in winning the Original Section of the Golden Damper Award.

Brian has self published 3 booklets and a full sized "complete works" of his poetry as well as 2 CDs. His poetry style and presentation gives him many "return gigs" at a number of Senior Centres and groups around Perth. Brian was the first WA Bush Poet to have gained recognition as an approved Judge (both performance and written ) with the Australian Bush Poets Assn.  or phone  9361 3770

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