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Greg Joass

I grew up in Sydney and fell in love with Patterson, Lawson and Dennis while at school. I worked as a field assistant and later as an exploration geologist and got to see a fair bit of the country and meet lots of interesting characters along the way, from whom much of my poetry is derived.
I am now a true bush poet, in that I live on a bush block, in the bush, in the Southwest of WA. I started reciting and later writing bush poetry in the folk clubs in the Southwest, back in the mid eighties. After their demise, gigs were in short supply, however I managed to sustain my poetry for a few decades with the occasional public performance, getting odd bits read on ABC radio and winning a state wide limerick competition.

Since joining the WA bush poets I have become a much more regular performer and have even taken my poetry as far afield as NSW and Queensland. I regularly compete in the WA state championships, though with little success since I won all the novice categories a few years back and I had to go all the way to Queensland to finally win a poets brawl.

I perform a lot of my own stuff, because if I don’t, then no one else will and also perform a lot of the old classics. 

Contact Greg on 0429 345 150 or

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