Pictorial Posters 1

Sunday Times,  November 15th, 1903

Yea Crawford, the bumptious and big,

A quaint and a rummy old rig,

Agriculture's my forte,

Though 'twould hardly be "thort"

I know a steam plough from a pig.

Once I farmered some crop and some stock,

Which the Government purchased en bloc

And thin novices now

That I知 teaching to plough

With shekels are stuffing my sock.

But though as an expert I shine

In the pumpkin and pork-raising line,

I differ when Hop.

Suggests I should stop

This fever that's ravaging swine.




I知 Councillor Cav'nagh Esquire,

But to higher degrees I aspire,

And I'll do all I can

Becoming a man

To set the Swan River on fire.


Both cricket and bowls 1 can play,

While I've pulled a good oar in my day,

And when I orate

I知 down on the slate

As the Deakin of W.A.


I've an eye on the Senate in Vic.,

And if my opponents I lick,

Be certain that "Cav."

Possesses the "sav."





I知 Slater, Fremantle痴 S.M.,

Whose "side" understrappers condemn,

And the rank-and-file mob

Assert that my job"

Was gotten by sly stratagem.


Though fragile I値l sing a good song

With any that happens along,

While at frauds like the Goose

I can shower abuse

Exceedingly sultry and strong.


And though with the sheelahs I知 shy.

For "skirt" I致e a critical eye,

As witness the winks

I waft to the minx

Who serves in the buffet close by.







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