Edwin Greenslade (Dryblower) Murphy

This poem is about  the early Western Australian aviation pioneer, Andrew Barr  who went to England hoping to interest investors in his machine, a model of which apparently flew prior to the Wright Bros Kittyhawk flight.    read the entire article here

"We said ta-ta," as someone wrote,

"To Andrew Barr, of Doodlekine,"

We also watched him board the boat

That bore him o'er the rolling brine.

He comforted each pallid wreck,

Who moaned and groaned in mal-de-mer;

He showed in chalk along the deck

How he'd propel them through the air;

He laughed to scorn the albatross

Which whirled and swooped for scupper scraps;

Of Boreas bold he'd be the boss,

And scowled when someone said "Perhaps."

But now, alas - a punctured crank

Is back across the tropic line,

And all the world is dark and dank

To Andrew Barr, of Doodlekine.

We sent him 'Ome across the sea,

And told this woolly-whiskered wight

Where he could raise the L.S.D.

(Or rather, where perhaps he might).

We gave him letters short and long

To Cohen-Bull of London Rich;

We also sent a spruiker strong

To show him which at 'Ome was which.

Big Brimage went to pilot him

Among the London fog and smoke,

And Brim. was pledged to sling a jim

Whenever Barr went stoney-broke.

Brim. now has got a bat-winged car,

Which Cohen and his crowd decline,

And W.A. has Andrew Barr,

Poor busted Barr, of Doodlekine.

He sought the crystal air to swim

Amid a maze of whirling wings,

And dreamed of times when he and Brim

Would flip a dook with 'aughty Kings.

The only Kings who saw his face,

Alas, were in the steerage pack,

And Brim's in London on the "ace",

Of Andrew Barr a trifle "jack"

And Doodlekine which hoped to rise

Into a throbbing, thriving town,

Now imprecates poor Andrew's eyes

While cursing Brimage up and down.

And there the scrub-encumbered land,

The poddy calf, the squealing swine,

Are waiting for the 'ornery 'and

Of Andrew Barr of Doodlekine,

Poor busted Barr of Doodlekine.



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