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John could well be called a balladeer.  He recites his own poetry about the incidences and people of his time as well as many of the traditional verses of Banjo Patterson, Henry Lawson and their contemporaries.  

John has recorded with the ABC for the "Country Hour" as well as for some special events.  he travels extensively throughout Australia, reciting at festivals, pubs and around campfires and barbeques.  He published his first book (with cassette tape) "Till the Soil" in 1984.  Ten years later, his book "Fireside Reflections" was produced  with 100 poems celebrating 100 years of Australian History.  All of John's poems are as a result of extensive research.  

Contact John:  Phone  9377 1238.  email:  hayseed1@optusnet.com.au
Having retired from a life as a farmer, Peter now lives on a small property just outside of Albany. He is well known in the Great Southern Region for his involvement in promoting Bush Poetry in the region. Peter is the organiser of the highly successful Poets Breakfast which runs in association with the Albany Show. Much of his poetry is drawn from his farming experiences, often composed while driving his tractor.

Peter has been a finalist at Tamworth and in 2005 was joint second place getter in the 2005 WA State Championships. in the most recent State Championships, in 2011 Peter consolidated his status by winning the overall WA Bush Championship award.  poetblythe@oceanbroadband.net
Referring to himself as "The City Poet", Brian was born in country WA in 1940 but has lived much of his life in Perth. He  writes and performs his own work which covers a broad range of subjects.

He has travelled widely in Australia and his poems are drawn partly from his travels. You will find very few billabongs or dying horses in Brian's poetry, but you will get contemporary living, aging, along the ocean, camping, a touch of nostalgia combined with humour and perhaps a thought provoking poem about the struggles of our pioneers. 

At the 2005 and again at the 2014 WA Bush Poetry Championships, Brian achieved overall  second place. He has also won several awards both for written and performed verse.  He was runner up in the Tamworth 2013 Golden Damper Awards, considered by many to be the most prestigious Bush Poetry Performance award in Australia.  In 2014, he again went to Tamworth and this time was successful in winning the Original Section of the Golden Damper Award.  

Brian has self published 3 booklets  and a full sized "complete works" of his poetry as well as 2 CDs, His poetry style and presentation gives him many "return gigs" at a number of Senior Centres and groups around Perth.   Brian was the first WA Bush Poet to have gained recognition as an approved Judge (both performance and written ) with the Australian Bush Poets Assn.  briandot@tpg.com.au  or phone  9361 3770   Brian's homepage
Arthur is a "Baby Boomer" of World War 1 which means that he has been around for considerable time.  Apart from reciting at the WA Bush Poets monthly Musters, he also frequently performs at the Peninsular Folk Club.  He has published numerous poems and articles for various anthologies and has recently published his first book of poems presenting poetry from his boyhood to senior citizenship.    Some are sentimental, some concern day to day living and when combined become a cross section of his Life and Time. He has also recently published his very interesting life story .He also recites some of the classics for which he has received commendation.  Arthur works with High School students as a mentor alongside many other community activities which feed his poetry.
phone  08 64673351     Email: arthur@hillview.net.au

Do you know anyone on the matrimonial Track?  How about having a Bush Poetry Wedding.
Keith (Cobber) Lethbridge, WA State Champion Bush Poet many times over the last fifteen years,  is not only an outstanding poet and raconteur but also a JP and authorised Marriage celebrant, So if wedding bells are in the offing, why not add a touch of the bush and make it Wedding Poems and Yarns as well. 

Having lived and worked most of his life in the Kimberleys, much of Cobbers poetry draws on people and situations from that frontier of Australian rural life.   Keith has published 6 books of his poetry.  His most recent achievement is to win the very prestigious "Bronze Swagman 2009" award for written Verse.  Not only does he excel at both writing and performing Bush Poetry, but can play the guitar, harmonica,  piano accordion,  the "bones" as well as almost any gum leaf that is put in front of him

In 2014, Keith Lethbridge, along with Balladeer (and WABP Member) Terry Bennetts  took out the "Best Songwriter of the Year" Award at the WA Country Music Festival at Boyup Brook with the Song "Fitzroy River".  Phone   9399 2589  or  mobile 04 3733 6296
In 1971 at the age of nineteen I went to work on Moola Bulla station Halls Creek where I stayed until 1985, (except for an overseas stint and twelve months horse-breaking in New South Wales.)  At Moola Bulla I was head-stockman of the Mount Amhurst camp (an out-station) then head-stockman of the Moola Bulla camp for nearly ten years.  In 1985 my wife Debbie, daughter Dani, son Ryan and I moved to Parron Place Badgingarra where I took over the management.  Parron was a fattening property for Moola Bulla steers, I stayed there until it was sold in late 1997.  My wife and I purchased a 50 acre property near Jurien Bay so I had somewhere to run my, what was becoming extensive horse plant.  I now travel North most years for the mustering season where I work in the west Pilbara as a contract musterer.  My poetry reflects many of my bush experiences, some serious and some funny.  In 2007 I was asked to perform at Boyup Brook and have now been  invited back several times.  I was also asked to perform at the Northampton Drought Busters Heritage Week in April where I performed not only my poetry but poems by P.J.Quilty, his father, Tom Quilty and poems by my favourite poet Will Ogilvie and others.     Phone 9652 6003   corinl53@gmail.com

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Our Poets, enjoy the opportunity to give any special event a truly unique  Australian  flavour.  If you or your organisation are looking for a performing poet for a function please get in touch with those that you think may fit your needs.  Each Poet has an individual style, so please contact them directly regarding availability, cost , style of poetry etc. 

We do however enjoy being involved in cultural and district festivals and similar events.  -  Please feel free to contact any of the executives of the WA Bush Poets & Yarnspinners Assn. for more information

Please note that Members listed on this page or recommended by our organisation are all performers of high standard and integrity, their poetry is generally suitable for all,  however, please be aware  that some Bush Poetry, including that of an earlier time, does contain some mild swearing,  reference to bodily functions and political incorrectness.   If such language may cause offence, please tell the poet so that suitable poems are performed.
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Barry is a story teller and performer of other people's poetry. He has an excellent repertoire of the works of WA poet Syd Hopkinson and "Blue the Shearer" (Colin Wilson).  His performances are mainly chosen from these topical and very popular humorous works. Barry can be contacted on les057@bigpond.com or phone  9329 9709
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